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Sponsors play a huge roll for our organization. If you or someone you know own a local business - please consider sponsoring our organization. We are a non-profit organization and therefore it is a tax write off!

Please see our sponsorship levels below.

Mother and Child

Website Banner and Link

This is our entry level. Your business logo and link is added to our main page and sponsorship page!

Yearly Cost $100

Price List

Concession Stand Item

Our next level up, you get a website banner/link AND a concession stand item named after your business!

Example - Valley Athletics Hot Dog

Yearly Cost $300

Mother and Child

Field Banner

Along with a website banner/link AND concession stand item, you also get a banner displayed on a field(s) of your choice!

Yearly Cost $550 - 1 field

                   $580  - 2 fields 

                   $590 -  3 fields 

                   $599 -  All 4 fields 

We also offer team specific uniform logos, please contact us for specific team sponsorship!

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